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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Computer Networking Research Group


Journal Papers


Conference Papers

  • Fusing Location Data for Depression Prediction
    Chaoqun Yue, Shweta Ware, Reynaldo Morillo, Jin Lu, Chao Shang, Jinbo Bi, Jayesh Kamath, Alexander Russell, Athanasios Bamis, and Bing Wang.
    Proceedings of Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC), August 2017.

  • Correlating S&P 500 Stocks with Twitter Data
    Yuexin Mao, Bing Wang, Wei Wei and Benyuan Liu.
    Proceeding of ACM International Workshop on Hot Topics on Interdisciplinary Social Networks Research (HotSocial) , Beijing, China, August 2012.

  • Multimedia Streaming via TCP: An Analytic Performance Study
    Bing Wang, Jim Kurose, Prashant Shenoy and Don Towsley.
    Proceedings of ACM Multimedia (Multimedia 2004), New York City, October 2004 [pdf].
    A short version appeared in Proceedings of ACM SIGMETRICS (SIGMETRICS 2004), New York City, June 2004 [pdf].
    A longer version is currently available as UMass CMPSCI Technical Report 04-21 [pdf].

Techincal Reports

  • Empirical Study of Proxy-assisted Video Streaming Over the Best-effort Internet
    Bing Wang, Michael K. Bradshaw, Yang Guo, Jim Kurose, Subhabrata Sen, Prashant Shenoy, Don Towsley, Wei Wei and Ellen (Xiaolan) Zhang.
    UMass CMPSCI Technical Report 03-33.

  • Techniques for Reducing Bandwidth Overheads of Interactivity in Patching
    Bing Wang, Subhabrata Sen, Lixin Gao and Don Towsley.
    UMass CMPSCI Technical Report 01-24.